Oregon City, Oregon Real Estate

Oregon City is the metro area's best kept secret - but it's rapidly getting out!

The sleepy, overlooked city of ten years ago is gone. In it's place stand luxury dining and shopping establishments - surrounded by century-old historic homes with modern comforts as elaborate as their storied pasts.

The road connecting historic Oregon City to it's neighboring communities of Beavercreek, North Clackamas and Redland has been completely re-imagined.

As a local, you can fish for sturgeon and steelhead at the base of Willamette Falls, or enjoy the store-bought variety from Tony's market - one of the oldest in Oregon. Drop the kids off at the city's skateboard park and spend the day strolling the banks of the Willamette River or the hilltop area for breathtaking views.

Despite being directly across the river from West Linn - housing in Oregon City is relatively affordable - one of the few communities in the area where one can still purchase a "starter" home.

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